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3D Printer


Next Generation Orthodontics


At 914 Smiles, we’ve decided to skip the middleman (or woman). Instead of relying on a third-party lab to create our aligners, retainers and indirect bonding templates, we do it in our office using our Formlabs 3D printer. This ensures Dr. Kothari has full control over the entire process from the design to the fabrication for faster turnaround, higher quality and better results.

High Resolution

Our state-of-the-art 3D printer is more accurate and has a higher resolution than the printers at most commercial labs. This leads to better quality aligners and retainers that fit perfectly.


Dr. Kothari is a certified specialist in orthodontics and he’s able to oversee the whole process of designing and fabricating appliances. You get truly personalized treatment.

3D Printer

Quick Turnaround

Instead of waiting for retainers or aligners to be shipped from overseas, we design, print and package them right here in our office, which is quicker and more eco-friendly.


Since we have our own 3D printer, we can modify treatment plans and appliances on the fly for improved outcomes and efficiency.

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