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Digital X-rays


High-Tech Imaging Solutions


It’s impossible to see your entire dental and facial anatomy with the naked eye. That’s why x-rays are essential for developing a diagnosis and being able to create a customized treatment plan. Thanks to our modern, low-dose, digital x-rays, Dr. Kothari and Dr. Kumar are able to get clear pictures of patients’ teeth and facial structures all the way down to the tooth’s roots. The best part? Our x-ray device emits the least amount of radiation possible. Not only do we get more visual information than ever before, but it’s extremely safe and comfortable for people of all ages, including our youngest patients.


The intraoral digital sensors are small and smooth, making the process comfortable and gag-free.


We get high resolution, incredibly detailed images so we don’t miss a thing.

Digital X-rays


We can take x-rays in seconds and the images show up on our computer immediately.


You’ll be exposed to the least amount of radiation possible and thanks to the accuracy, we don’t need retakes.

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