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Teen Treatment


Setting the Stage for Lifelong Healthy Smiles


Having a functional bite and straight teeth builds the foundation for outstanding oral health that can last a lifetime. Beyond that, when teenagers have a beautiful smile, it gives them the confidence to tackle their dreams and goals. However, at 914 Smiles, we also know just how busy today’s teens are. That’s why from Skype check-ins for college students to our streamlined, digital processes, we make sure treatment is convenient for your family. To get your teenager started on the path to a stunning smile, book a free consultation with our Tarrytown orthodontist today!

Treatment in the Teen Years

Why Start Treatment in the Teen Years?

For a lot of patients, the teenage years are the perfect time to start orthodontic treatment. This is because most of the permanent teeth are in and we’re able to identify issues like crowding, spacing or an overbite. Since teenagers are still growing and their metabolisms tend to be higher, we can more easily shift the teeth and jaws into place and get dramatic, stable results.

Treatment in the Teen Years

We’ve Got Options

At your teenager’s consultation, Dr. Kothari will examine them and our team will take diagnostic records, allowing him to develop an accurate diagnosis. He’ll walk you through his findings and talk with you and your teen about the treatment options. We offer modern metal braces and clear braces, as well as a variety of clear aligners. We want your teenager to love their treatment almost as much as they’ll love their results!

Let’s Get Started

Give your teenager the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile. To get started, schedule your teen’s free consultation at 914 Smiles online or by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900.


The majority of patients wearing braces are between 12 and 15 years old.


80% of teenagers in North America are currently receiving orthodontic treatment.


Most kids have lost all of their primary teeth by the age of 12.

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