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Ormco™ Spark™ Aligners


Stunning Smiles Without the Hardware


Spark Aligners are another option we offer our patients. The treatment involves a series of clear, plastic aligners made according to Dr. Kothari’s specifications that gently shift the teeth into place. The aligners are removable, comfortable and much less noticeable than braces.


Ormco Spark Aligners in Tarrytown, NY

As a top provider of Spark Aligners in Tarrytown, Dr. Kothari has the expertise to achieve beautiful smiles and stable bites with the treatment option. To find out if you’re a candidate, schedule a free consultation at 914 Smiles today online or by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900.

3m clarity aligners girl at doctor

Under the Radar

The smooth, plastic aligners slip over your teeth like an almost invisible mouthguard. Most people won’t be able to tell you have them in.

No Food Restrictions

Because the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want and your oral hygiene routine won’t be impacted at all.


The Ormco treatment planning software allows Dr. Kothari to create an extremely accurate treatment plan and design aligners that fit like a glove.

Shorter Visits

Clear aligners don’t require adjustments like braces do. Follow-up visits will be shorter and you’ll spend less time in the treatment chair.

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