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3D scanning/ Digital Impressions


Comfort and Accuracy


At 914 Smiles, we use iTero® and TRIOS® digital scanners to take digital impressions – highly accurate, 3D images of the individual characteristics of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue. The scanner keeps you comfortable while delivering precise imagery without the putty-filled impression tray that makes you gag. Not only is it more comfortable, but taking a digital scan for aligners, retainers or restorative treatments is quick, which allows you to spend less time at the orthodontist’s office and more time enjoying your new smile!

TRIOS® digital scanners

How Does Digital Scanning Work?

One of the 914 Smiles team members uses a handheld, compact wand to scan your gums and teeth. The high-definition images show up on our computer screen almost instantly and a 3D model of your dental anatomy is created. Dr. Kothari can use this rendering to plan out your tooth movements for orthodontic treatment and design aligners, retainers and indirect bonding templates. Unlike traditional impressions with putty, the process is super easy and completely stress-free. To experience the ease, comfort and accuracy of digital impressions, schedule your complimentary consultation online or by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900!


There’s no goopy mess or unpleasant taste. You can breathe and swallow naturally during a digital, 3D scan.


They eliminate the need to retake impressions multiple times and help us create the perfect fit for aligners and retainers.



Digital scanning uses a laser to generate the images, so you’re not exposed to any radiation.


You can see the 3D scans on our screen immediately and the whole process takes less than five minutes.

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