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Braces FAQ


Your Braces Questions Answered


Here are the answers to the questions we hear most often from our Tarrytown clear braces and metal braces patients. If you can’t find your question below, or you just want more detailed information, contact 914 Smiles by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900.

Q: What happens when I get my braces put on?

A: Getting your braces put on is painless and typically takes less than an hour. First, we polish your teeth and prime the tooth surface for the special adhesive we use. Dr. Kothari then sticks the brackets on each individual tooth. The glue is super strong and ensures your braces stay in place throughout your treatment. He wraps up the process by threading your archwire through the brackets. If you want to go bold, you can add colorful elastics to your braces too. Before you leave, a 914 Smiles team member will tell you exactly how to care for your braces and what to expect during the early days of your treatment.

Q: How long will my braces treatment last?

A: Every patient is unique and it will depend on your individual case. However, in general, braces treatment takes between one and two years. When you come in for your free consultation and Dr. Kothari has a chance to examine you, he can give you a specific timeframe.

Q: How much do braces cost?

A: The cost of braces depends on a variety of factors, including how complex your case is. However, we strive to make braces affordable for our patients. We accept most insurances, offer in-office, zero-interest financing and have flexible payment plans. To find out your exact braces cost, book a free consultation. Once we have a diagnosis and treatment plan, we can give you an accurate number.

We accept the following insurance:
Aetna (PPO)
Healthplex – (PPO, MVP)
Dentaquest (Fidelis, Emblem Health, Affinity)
Delta Dental
GHI (Emblem Health)
Liberty Dental
Empire BCBS
United Concordia 

Q: Do braces hurt?

A: No. You should never feel actual braces pain. However, when you first get your braces put on and after we tighten them, your teeth and gums can be a little tender. You can easily manage any discomfort with an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol and by opting for soft foods and cold drinks until it goes away.

Q: How often will I need to see Dr. Kothari during braces treatment?

A: For most treatment plans, you’ll swing by for an appointment every six to eight weeks. However, this varies depending on your needs. These visits are fast and we strive to have minimal wait times.

Q: What happens when you remove my braces?

A: Taking your braces off is also painless and simple. Dr. Kothari loosens and removes your brackets and wires using special tools. He then gets rid of any leftover adhesive and polishes your teeth. Of course, we’ll let you check out your new smile in the mirror. Look as long as you want (we won’t judge!).

Q: Can I get braces just on my top teeth or just on my bottom teeth?

A: Getting braces just on your bottom teeth or top teeth is known as single arch treatment. There are very specific cases where it’s a possibility, however, a number of factors have to line up for it to be effective. We’ll determine if you’re a candidate at your consultation.

Q: Am I too old for braces treatment?

A: No! You’re never too old to get a smile you love. In fact, nearly 30% of all orthodontic patients in the U.S. and Canada are over the age of 18. We have plenty of Tarrytown adult braces patients at our practice and each year, the number increases. The benefits of having straight teeth aren’t just cosmetic. Braces can improve your oral health and your confidence. If you’re not into the idea of metal braces, we offer esthetic options at our practice, including clear braces and clear aligners. To find out how we can help you get your dream smile at any age, schedule a free consultation by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900.

Q: Do I still have to visit my regular dentist while wearing braces?

A: Yes. It’s actually even more important to see your regular dentist when you have braces since the brackets and wires can trap food and plaque. Your dentist will ensure you’re brushing and flossing properly and that you’re cavity-free. It’s usually recommended that you see your general dentist at least twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. For children and teens, we offer pediatric dentistry in Tarrytown at 914 Smiles for the ultimate in convenience. Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Reshma Kumar, and our certified specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Rishi Kothari, care for smiles in one location.

Q: How often should I brush my teeth when wearing braces?

A: When you’re wearing braces, you should brush your teeth in the morning, after meals and snacks, and before bed. Brush for at least two minutes each time. If you’re not home and you forget your toothbrush, rinse your mouth out really well and then brush when you get home.

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