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914 Aligners


A High-Tech Approach to Clear Aligners


Dr. Rishi Kothari has always been a big believer in technology. After all, if there is a way to make patients’ treatments quicker, more effective and more comfortable, why not? That’s why he invested in a Formlabs 3D printer that allows him to print his own aligners in the office. The printer is extremely accurate and has a higher resolution than those used by companies like Align (the makers of Invisalign). By printing the aligners in the office, he has complete control over the product from start to finish, allowing for improved fit, comfort, more adaptable treatment plans and, ultimately, better results. Treatment doesn’t get more personalized than this. To find out how 914 Aligners can help you get a healthy, beautiful smile, schedule a free consultation online or by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900.

914 Smile Aligners

Truly Custom Clear Aligners

Not all clear aligners are created equal. Dr. Kothari uses the highest quality, FDA-approved materials and a top-of-the-line 3D printer to create the most effective, esthetic aligners possible. Since he handles every step of the process, you get aligners that are truly made just for your smile and needs.

Clear & Comfortable

Because we use precise digital treatment planning, premium materials and the highest resolution printer, our aligners give patients the perfect fit. They’re also much smoother and clearer, meaning better comfort and esthetics.

Outstanding Results

Dr. Kothari has complete control over the entire aligner procedure, ensuring they work perfectly with your smile. Plus, he’s able to modify treatment plans on the fly, leading to faster and better results.

Fast Turnaround

Our aligners are designed, fabricated and packaged in-house in the USA. Your aligners are ready faster and aren’t shipped from anywhere. Other brands manufacture overseas which is less efficient, less eco-friendly and less personalized.

Real Customer Support

Since Dr. Kothari designs and prints the aligners at our office, he’s in charge of quality control and is able to make sure you get the best fit and outcome. If you ever have a question or concern, we’re here to help!

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