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Specializing in Smile Transformations


Dr. Kothari is a certified specialist in orthodontics, which means he completed two more years of specialty training in an orthodontic residency program after finishing dental school. As a Tarrytown orthodontist, he’s an expert in diagnosing, preventing and treating malocclusion, or issues with the size, shape or position of the teeth and jaw. He does this using special appliances, including braces and clear aligners. At 914 Smiles, he helps children, teens and adults get the healthy smiles and aligned bites they deserve.

Common Treatments

Does Invisalign work for crowded teeth? Can braces fix a crossbite? Here are the common problems we can treat with orthodontics.

Early Treatment

It’s recommended that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. We make it fun and stress-free!

Teen Treatment

The teenage years are the most common time to start orthodontic treatment. Our smile solutions will fit your teen’s lifestyle.

Adult Treatment

It’s never too late to get a smile you love and improve your oral health. We’ve got you covered with under-the-radar treatment options.

Jaw Pain and TMJD

Learn more about how Dr. Kothari can get to the root of your TMJ pain and help you experience relief.


Have a burning question about orthodontics? Check out our frequently asked questions to find an answer.

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