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Advanced Clear Aligners, Custom-Made in Tarrytown!

At 914 Smiles, Dr. Rishi Kothari is all about embracing technology in order to give his patients more efficient, effective care and, of course, fantastic results. That’s why we’re offering our own 914 clear aligners. They’re custom-made right here in Tarrytown so you get personalized care from start to finish! The Invisalign alternative is designed and printed in our office for faster turnaround, improved control and the ultimate in customization.

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Why Choose
914 Smiles Clear Aligners?

Clear & Comfortable

We use a top-of-the-line, FDA-approved material that surpasses that used by other brands. Our aligners, which are designed based on your unique dental anatomy, are clearer, smoother and a lot more comfortable.

Outstanding Results

Dr. Kothari has full control over your treatment from start to finish, our printer has a higher resolution and better accuracy, and we can modify treatments on the fly. All of this means you’ll receive exceptional results.

Why Choose 914 Aligner

Fast Turnaround

Since we design, print and package the aligners in our office in the U.S., instead of having them shipped from overseas like Invisalign, you get them 2x faster and the process is more eco-friendly.

Real Customer Support

With 914 Smiles aligners, you’re getting the oversight of a certified specialist in orthodontics. If you have questions, concerns or even lose your aligners, you’ll know exactly where to turn for assistance: the 914 Smiles team!


Cutting-edge technology and techniques

3D Oral Scan

No goopy, messy molds here! A 914 Smiles team member will take a quick, comfortable digital scan of your teeth and gums using our iTero® or TRIOS® scanners.

Full range of preventative and restorative dentistry

3D Digital Design

See your results before you start! Dr. Kothari maps out your tooth movements on the computerized model of your mouth and designs your aligners based on your real dental and facial anatomy.


3D Printing and Packaging

Made right here in Tarrytown. We print the aligners on our high-resolution Formlabs 3D printer. We then fabricate, polish and package your aligners right here in our office.

Clear Aligner

Receive Your Aligners

You’ll get your aligners in one to two weeks (instead of four weeks with Invisalign) and wear them for about 22 hours per day. As you make your way through the series, your new smile will take shape!

Smile guarantee

Smile Guarantee

We’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality treatment and want you to have nothing short of the best smile possible. That’s why at any time if you’re not happy with your treatment, just let us know and we’ll fix it.

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Dr. Kothari with Patients

Dr. Kothari


Dr. Rishi Kothari attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine, where he received his doctorate in dental surgery. He then completed his residency at the Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics. Now he’s fulfilled his dream of having his own practice serving his home state where he can offer personalized, advanced care to his patients.

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To learn more about how 914 Smiles clear aligners can give you your dream smile, schedule your complimentary visit today!

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