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Made in Tarrytown: Introducing 914 Aligners

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For nearly two decades, when patients wanted to straighten teeth without braces, they turned to Invisalign. Until recently, there haven’t really been any Invisalign alternatives. While it’s still a good choice, Dr. Rishi Kothari and his team wanted to be able to offer something even more efficient, effective and personalized. That’s why we’ve invested in the technology to create our own 914 Aligners made right here in Tarrytown at our office.

The Benefits of 914 Smiles Clear Aligners

Invisalign prints out the aligners. They’re the lab but the actual design and success of the treatment is dependent on the orthodontist behind it. You’re truly paying for the skill and the expertise of the doctor and the team, not the commodity, which is Invisalign. So if there’s a way to do it better and more efficiently, why not cut out the middleman and allow the orthodontist to have complete control over the process from start to finish? That’s what we’ve done with our 914 Aligners. Here are some of the benefits:

  •     Improved Aesthetics – The FDA-approved, advanced thermoplastic material we use is superior to that used by the major clear aligner companies. It’s clearer and smoother, which means when you’re wearing the aligners, they’re less visible and more discreet. Considering aesthetics is a top reason people choose Invisalign, this is a benefit our Tarrytown clear aligner patients love.
  •     More Comfortable and Better Fit – Another perk of 914 Aligners is that they’re more comfortable. Because the material we use is smoother, there are no sharp edges and you’ll acclimate to wearing the aligners more quickly. Our printer has a higher resolution and is more accurate, and we’re able to fine-tune the process for a better fit. This too enhances the comfort.
  •     More Eco-Friendly – Invisalign is printed in Costa Rica and then shipped to San Jose, CA before being sent to the treatment location. This isn’t very efficient and it’s not all that environmentally friendly. By designing, printing and packaging our aligners right here in Tarrytown in our office, we’re reducing our carbon footprint.
  •     Faster Turnaround – When you get aligners from a major company it typically takes about four weeks from your initial scan to receive your aligners and begin treatment. With 914 Aligners, they’re ready in one to two weeks. 
  •     More Personalized – It really doesn’t get any more personalized than having the doctor who designed your aligners also fabricate them. Dr. Kothari is responsible for each step from design to packaging the aligners, so he’s able to create the most customized aligners possible and your treatment is tailored to you at every stage. In fact, he can modify treatments on the fly, if necessary. Additionally, when you’re getting aligners from a third-party like Invisalign or 3M, there is less flexibility. Sometimes patients just need a touch-up. With 914 Smiles aligners, we can print as few aligners as we’d like, letting us also offer limited treatment with specific, limited goals, as long as it leaves the patient with a safe, stable occlusion (bite).
  •     Oversight of a Skilled Specialist in Orthodontics – There is a benefit to having the aligners fabricated by a certified specialist in orthodontics like Dr. Kothari instead of a tech at a lab thousands of miles away. Dr. Kothari has the knowledge and training to design a treatment plan and aligners that will give you the results you want. Since he’s printing the aligners in-office, he can make tweaks as needed, ensuring optimal outcomes and the perfect fit.
  •     True Customer Support – If you have any questions or problems or even if you lose an aligner, there isn’t anyone else involved in your treatment process. You’ll know right where to turn: us!
  •     Better Results – Ultimately, all of the benefits above add up to the fact that we can achieve better results and we may even be able to do it more quickly too.

The 914 Aligners Process

Step 1: Consultation and 3D Oral Scan

It all starts with a consultation. A team member will take digital x-rays and then Dr. Kothari will perform a thorough exam. He’ll use his findings to develop an accurate diagnosis. He’ll chat with you about your treatment options and answer your questions. If you decide to go with 914 Smiles aligners, we’ll take a 3D oral scan using our iTero® or TRIOS® scanner. That means no chomping down on a putty-filled impression tray.

Step 2: 3D Digital Design

The quick, comfortable digital scan will create a 3D model of your dental anatomy. Dr. Kothari will map out each individual tooth movement directly on this computerized model. He’ll design your aligners so that each tray in the series achieves specific movements.

Step 3: 3D Printing

This is where our process differs from the Invisalign process. Instead of sending your prescription to the Invisalign lab, we have two 3D printers to print out your custom clear aligners right in our office.

Step 4: Aligners Created and Delivered

We’ll fabricate, polish and package your aligners at 914 Smiles. They’ll be ready for you to pick up in about one to two weeks. You’ll swing by, get your aligners and start your treatment.

Step 5: Wear Your 914 Aligners

You’ll wear your aligners for about 22 hours per day for the best results. Every week or two, you’ll switch to the next set of aligners and your new smile will take shape. You’ll come in occasionally for a quick checkup so Dr. Kothari can monitor your progress and ensure your treatment is going to plan.

Step 6: Reveal a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

When you finish your aligners, you’ll get to bask in your stunning new smile. To maintain your results, you’ll have to wear a retainer. Don’t worry; you’ll only have to wear it at night eventually. We use our 3D oral scanners and 3D printers to create removable, clear retainers in our office as well.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer our patients an innovative Invisalign alternative with our 914 Smiles clear aligners. To find out more or get started on your treatment, book a free consultation with Dr. Kothari today by calling or texting us at (914) 332-0900!

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