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Our Laser Sintered Bands Eliminate the Need for Orthodontic Spacers

By February 19, 2023November 3rd, 2023No Comments
Our Laser Sintered Bands Eliminate the Need for Orthodontic Spacers

Traditionally, before getting braces, a palatal expander or a habit-breaking appliance, among other devices, some patients would need to have spacers placed between their teeth. As the name suggests, spacers help to create space. They’re used to move the teeth apart so your orthodontist can more comfortably place metal bands around the molars to anchor the appliance. 

Being the high-tech practice we are, however, Dr. Rishi Kothari regularly adopts proven technology and techniques. One new advance we now offer is laser sintered bands. These digitally designed, 3D-printed bands eliminate the need for spacers and the extra appointment that comes along with them. 

In this post, the team at 914 Smiles will be discussing what these cutting-edge orthodontic bands are and how they work.

Why Would I Need Orthodontic Bands?

We might use molar bands:

  • If your bite makes your braces brackets more susceptible to breakage. Your molars bear the heaviest biting forces, so depending on your case, we can use bands to accommodate the bracket instead of placing it directly on your teeth. 
  • If you have large fillings 
  • To serve as an anchorage point to achieve certain tooth movements
  • If we need to add a device to reposition your jaws since auxiliaries can be attached to the molar bands
  • To anchor appliances like a palatal expander, space maintainer or habit-breaking appliance

What are Laser Sintered Bands?

Conventional orthodontic bands wrap around the whole molar, including the interproximal area, or the space between the teeth, and sometimes even extend below the gumline. Spacers, or separators, were often needed to create room first. 

Laser sintered bands are custom designed based on digital scans of your teeth. They’re then 3D printed in metal. The bands are highly accurate and fabricated to fit only over the visible portion of the tooth. Since the band doesn’t need to squeeze in between teeth, potential fit issues are eliminated and spacers aren’t necessary.

What are the Benefits of Laser Sintered Bands?

Laser sintered bands offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Fewer appointments. Patients don’t need to come in to have spacers placed, which means at least one less appointment overall. It was also pretty common for a separator to fall out, possibly requiring another appointment to have it replaced. 
  • More comfortable and better tolerated. While spacers aren’t super painful, they do cause some aching. The same goes for conventional bands. Laser sintered bands are custom-made for a more precise fit, improved comfort and much easier placement. This is especially helpful for younger patients in phase 1 treatment
  • Less time in the orthodontist’s chair. The bonding appointment, where your bands and appliance are placed, is faster with laser sintered bands thanks to the enhanced accuracy and fact that they don’t need to be wedged between the teeth. Removal is also faster. 
  • Stronger and more durable. Printed from chromium cobalt metal, these bands are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation With a Tarrytown Orthodontist

If you’re ready to start your smile journey, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rishi Kothari. He’ll perform an exam to develop an accurate diagnosis and provide you with personalized treatment recommendations. 

From laser sintered bands to in-office 3D printing, our technology will ensure the entire teeth-straightening process is comfortable, efficient and effective.

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